• 51.2V 200A Residential Storage Wall Mount Battery
  • 51.2V 200A Residential Storage Wall Mount Battery
  • 51.2V 200A Residential Storage Wall Mount Battery
  • 51.2V 200A Residential Storage Wall Mount Battery

51.2V 200A Residential Storage Wall Mount Battery

Brand :NewerPath

Product origin :China

Delivery time :Weekly basis

Supply capacity :3000pcs per week

At the forefront of residential energy solutions, our 51.2V 200A Lithium Home Energy Storage Battery is engineered for exceptional performance and safety. It seamlessly integrates into 10KW Residential Solar Energy Storage Systems, serving as a reliable power source for homes.

Featuring cells from CATL, known for their safety, it offers peace of mind to homeowners. With a low self-discharge rate, compatibility with most inverter brands, and easy installation options including wall mount, it's hassle-free and versatile. Enjoy excellent high-temperature performance, high energy density, and efficiency, resulting in a long cycle life. Supported by a high-performance BMS, this battery ensures efficient and secure energy storage for residential use.

▉51.2V 200A Residential Solar Energy Storage System Battery

51.2V 200A Residential Solar Energy Storage System Battery



51.2V 200Ah



Cycle Life

6000 times ≥80% primary capacity (25℃±2℃,0.2C charge/0.2C discharge)

Working Voltage Range


Working Current Range




Standard Charging Currrent


Maximum Charging Currrent1C
Standard Discharging Currrent0.5C
Maximum Discharging Currrent1C



Communication Mode

▊Internal cell size

Wall Mount Battery


1.Utilizes cells from CATL, a renowned manufacturer known for safety.

2.Maintains stored energy effectively with a low self-discharge rate.

3.Compatible with most inverter brands, ensuring easy integration.

4.Performs excellently in high-temperature environments.

5.Provides high energy density and conversion efficiency.

6.Ensures a long cycle life, extending the lifespan of the battery.

7.Supported by a high-performance Battery Management System for efficient management and safety.

▊Application Scenario

            10KW emergency power supply battery

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